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Parties and events



Minimum 10 people:


Han Solo Package

Two laser tag games. Food (chips, nachos, and olives), drink: Coca Cola, Fanta and water, and to end up, a birthday chocolate cake, ice cream or donuts.


Obi-One Package

Han Solo Package plus an individual small pizza per person.


R2D2 Package

Han Solo Package plus two small assorted sandwiches per person.


C3PO Package

Only for those over 18


Two laser tag games. Individual pizza, beer or soda and birthday cake.


Price (per person):


Add Spanish omelette to your pack for 2 € per person more!



Bookings: 935836446 | info@alienzone.es



Minimum number of guests is 10. In case of finally being less players, the fee will correspond to 10 players.


Minimum required age is 7 years old, without exception.


Over 20 players you can have exclusivity in the arena. In the case of wanting this exclusivity, it will be necessary to specificate it at the moment of booking and in case of finally being less players, to make the payment of the amount corresponding to 20 players.


Additional lasertag games for party guests, parents or familiars: 1 € discount on the current rate.


Contact us if you want cava or food for parents and familiars.


No carry-in food or beverages allowed.


Game time: 15 minutes.


Maximum number of players: 30.