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General Conditions

Beginning of the party and changes

Please, call your guests 20 minutes before the beginning of the game. Due to logistic reasons and to guarantee a good service, we can’t delay the beginning of the games. Any change must be notified 24 hours in advanced.

Deposit of 50 € per booking

It can be paid personally at Alien Zone or by transfer at the following Disitraining S.L. account:

La Caixa Number ES84 2100 3083 33 2200387917

Please remember to indicate in the details of payment your name and booking date.
By making a booking, we reserve for you some time and space that we are not offering to other people. All cancellations must be notified maximum a week prior to your booking otherwise all deposits remain non-refundable.


Over 20 players you can have exclusivity in the arena. In case of wanting this exclusivity, it will be necessary to specificate it at the moment of booking and in case of being finally less players, the amount corresponding to 20 players will have to be paid.